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Graphics Designed to establish and promote your Brand

If you are starting a new business or looking to revitalise the image of a an existing one you need to think about your "Brand". What does your company logo convey to potential clients does it say something about your company?

You may not think that you need a "brand" but in the modern environment you need a visual identity, a logo, that customers can recognise in the online world across your website and social media.

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What we do

Based in Northampton we offer a full range of design services and are committed to providing the best quality at affordable prices. We are an experienced team and have worked with many organizations to help them refine their graphic design needs. 

Unlike many online companies who offer to supply a logo in 48 hours or less we do not pick a logo from a limited fixed pack of images. Also many of these online companies supply images that are only suitable for use on web pages and cannot be used on printed material. We like to think we know what works and what doesn’t and will provide you with guidance through the design process and are committed to providing excellent service and effective communications in everything that we do.

When you choose Graphics Designed 4U, you choose a company that you can trust to help you deliver and develop your brand. We understand how important your logo is to your business and that’s why we make every effort to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result. Your satisfaction is our top priority and that is why so many clients are happy to use our services time and again..

Logo Design Service

All logos are created using vector graphics and this means the images can be scaled from small, to big to absolutely huge without getting jagged edges or loosing definition. We will supply the images in various formats and sizes to suit different media.

Print Material

The graphics we supply will be in media formats that printers can use (usually PDF and EPS formats). We will ensure that business cards will comply with your printer's template bleed and cut edge requirements. The images may even be scaled to produce shop signage.

Website Artwork

We will create versions of your branding suitable for all aspects of your website and a social package for facebook, twitter etc. All images supplied will be optimised for maximum speed of loading will be paid for or created by us and not stolen from other sites.

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Logo design is critical for making your brand visually appealing and will make all the difference to first impressions. A great logo design will help you to create a strong brand image, but just as importantly it will promote your business as professional one that ensures you are taken seriously. Just look at the leading companies in your industry or niche. 

Does your logo design, look as good as theirs? If not, then it should! There’s absolutely no reason that your design shouldn’t be competing with the very best in your category, so you need to be using the best graphic design around.

What makes a Great Logo

The best logo design must not be "just decoration" it must communicate the image you want to project with your brand. This means that  the elements of the logo must each say something about your brand or about your industry. Excellent design is about clarity with all the elements having a purpose and being there to inform and instruct the viewer. 

This is why graphic design requires an understanding of what it is that will attract attention. Good design must understand and communicate the nature of your business to your audience. As graphic designers we need to understand your business and what your goals and objectives are so that we can endeavour to express that within the logo design.

In designing a logo, we need to avoid clichés whist expressing what your business does and what your values are. We also need to ensure that the logo will "work" in a range of environment - it's no good having a white logo if you want to print it on white paper! As Vector graphics our designs are crisp, high definition and scaleable. With graphic design it's all about the detail and while you might not notice a pixel or two out of place we will and we make sure it doesn't happen.

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Image of a CMYK Test card


Our Logos and other artwork are designed with the WEB in mind and today that more and more means smart phones and tablets. While many people have broadband that's not always true of the signal people get on their mobiles. For this reason the images we supply are pre-optimised for the best performance on all devices.


Many websites purporting to have "a highly experienced and qualified team of experts" are really only a front end for a mass market software product. Many will have no skill or experience at all and you will be offered a logo from a limited library of stock images that can only be used on the web.

We have inhouse designers that produce one off individual designs (like the name says) for you; that work on the web and in print too.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube

Today your company needs to operate a fully integrated online approach and that means not just a website but also business pages on facebook and Google+. These social media pages require backgrounds and if they are not laid out correctly your logo can end up cut off or distorted. We can supply images that are the correct size for social media pages that will fit around the other images and buttons on the page.

Brand your business for the Future

It costs less than you think

Logo package


  • Design Concepts: 5
  • Includes Variations:
  • Vector Graphics: Yes
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Web & Print Ready: Yes

Print Package


  • Everything in the Logo Package
  • Plus
  • Business Card Design for up to 3 people
  • Letter head Design
  •  With Compliments Slip

Web Package


  • Everything in the Logo Package
  • Plus
  • Social Media Backgrounds
  •  3 Photographic Images

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